ACS 2017 | China Automotive CIO Summit

 Top Platform for Communication about Automotive Industry Informatization
 “Internet +” Automotive Whole Industry Chain IT Solution
 Meet You in Shanghai on Oct. 25th-26th

Background Inviting Speakers Agenda

According to statistics, the Chinese automotive production and sales in 2016 has been more than 28 million, it has ranked the first again for the last eight consecutive years in the world. Undoubtedly, China has been a big automotive country. Besides, new energy automotive production and sales has been more than 0.5 million, created a new high, further cemented the status of the first big country of China in new energy automotive area. But the limitations such as short knowledge of key technologies, weakness of industry chain, uncompleted creation system and construction lagging of international brand etc. has showed a brutal reality that is China's automotive industry is big but not so strong. Those limitations may become a hindrance to the further development of China automotive industry.

As the increasing breakthrough of new technology revolution and industry transformation, the deep integration of automotive industry and information technology, the big reform of consumption trends, R&D manufacturing, business model, competition pattern and the rebuilding of global auto industry, the chance for China automotive industry from being big to strong is coming. However, as CIOs of China automotive industry, are you really prepared for the big chance and at the same time, the challenge it brought by ?

As the professional platform for promoting the informatization of China automotive industry, and the application development of informatization technology in automotive industry, initiated by QZ Events, co-organized by domestic and overseas well known automotive associations, China Automotive CIO Summit(ACS 2017) will hold on Oct. 25-26th, 2017 in Shanghai. The theme of ACS 2017 is “ ‘Internet +’ Automotive Whole Industry Chain Informatization Solution”, The summit will bring together more than 350 attendees, which concludes CIOs from whole industry chain such as complete vehicles, components and parts, distributors as well as automotive industry informatization solutions providers. By then, they will communicate the application experience and share the latest cases in automotive industry. The summit will focus on a new generation of information technology such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, mobile applications etc which will be used in automotive industry. ACS organizing committee will work to improve the information-based development of the automotive industry.

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